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Manorcrest Homes – 20 Years Experience

Manorcrest Homes in Skegness have been in the property industry for over 20 years operating in Skegness and throughout Lincolnshire. In this time our team have gained valuable experience in all areas the property market and established ourselves as trusted thought leaders in the industry. We specialise in property design, new home developments and the technology surrounding it, and are as passionate today as the day we started.

Headed by three Directors, Leigh Hall, Dean Wann and Deborah Ledbrook, Manorcrest Homes have grown exponentially over the years. No longer content on simply conquering the residential home market in Skegness by offering exceptional, high-quality residential developments, we have also decided more recently to expand into the commercial sector. Despite being newer to the hotel and leisure industry Manorcrest have already had an incredible amount of success in this newer venture, having built Holiday Inn Express and Doubletree Hilton hotels in key cities across the UK.

Our continued success in both residential homes and the holiday and leisure industry is testament to our loyal team of highly skilled and dedicated employees, many of whom have been with us over 10 years. Another factor which contributes to our success is our ability to adapt and change with the times. We welcome diversity within our business plan and continually review our strategy, careful to not only incorporate, but anticipate change ahead of time, preparing and overcoming all of the challenges it unveils along the way.

20 years experience planning, building and managing properties in Skegness and throughout Lincolnshire has allowed us to refine our practice, and while we are constantly reviewing our property designs to offer something new to the housing market, we are confident in the knowlege that, though trends may change with the times, the homes we design and build are timeless. Our new build home development in Skegness is an excellent example of this. Every effort is made by our sales and build teams to ensure that each new home is finished to our customers individual requirements. Every home is finished to the highest standard, with attention being given to every detail.

We are proud of our team, our reputation and the incredible new homes we have built over the years. Manorcrest Homes is a house builder with heart, and that shows in the testimonials we’ve received from our delighted customers. Get in touch with us today to find out more about Manor Crest Homes… Who knows we may be building your new dream home today.

Manorcrest Homes – Our Promise

At Manorcrest homes, our promise to you is simple, nothing is too much trouble. We promise to build you a home you are proud of, to the specification you requested, on time and on budget. We promise that you will never be disappointed with the new homes we hand over to you and we promise that our team will do everything in our power to give you a positive home buying experience.

From the start to finish, you will be helped and guided through the process of buying your new home in Skegness. We know that buying a new home can be daunting so we’re here to help every step of the way. No question is a bad question and no request is too big or too small. Whether you need assistance understanding property jargon or picking tiles, flooring, colour schemes, our Sales Manager will give guidance and help you create the home you have always dreamed of.

What’s more, you don’t stop being our customer once we hand you the keys to your beautiful new home. At Manorcrest Homes we promise to help you with any and all teething problems you may have in the first 3 months of your new homes life. No question, no quibble, no problem. We are on site and always happy to help to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Our testimonials from recent buyers demonstrate the care and consideration we give each customer and are easy to view on our Help to Buy page. Take a look and feel confident that you are with a company who care.

Home Rental Opportunities With  Manorcrest

We often have properties available for rent at the numerous developments we run throughout Lincolnshire

Manorcrest Homes – Here For You

At Manorcrest Homes, we never forget that buying a new home is a big decision. With that in mind we want to ensure you have as much information as possible about the property you are interested in from the very beginning and are more than happy to arrange for you to receive financial advice from an Independent Financial Advisor whom we have worked with on several occasions and are therefore happy to recommend.

Our team at Manorcrest homes feel it is our responsibility to make sure you feel happy and confident when making this decision and want to ensure that you are making the best and most informed decision for you. Our team always here for you, and always happy to help, right up to those last minute queries and wobbles you may have.

Once you make the decision to buy a Manorcrest home, we assist you during the entire process. Whether you are using the Government Help To Buy Scheme or buying using the traditional method Manorcrest are here to help with solicitors and paperwork. We monitor the progress of each house sale to ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish.

Our mantra is “Your Home Is Important To Us”. We believe in our mantra very strongly and allow it to guide us and act as the foundation for everything we do here at Manorcrest Homes. It is extremely important to us that you feel supported by Manorcrest Homes at every stage. We never want you to feel uncertain or abandoned at a time when you may be worrying about legal paperwork, decisions on your new home, overwhelming financial options or generally packing up and starting fresh.

Our team at Manorcrest homes are always here for you and sincerely hope you to take us up on this. Many of our buyers have benefitted from our support and the comments they’ve left us are a testament to how our help has enhanced their buying experience.

We offer a personalised buying experience

We pride ourselves on excellent service, not only the process of buying a new home in Skegness but settling in too

Manorcrest Homes – Collaboration and Support

Buying a new home is your decision, but to make it happen you must rely on quite a few people. Leasing with all of these different groups and keeping up with what they need to make your move happen on your own can be stressful and can even put people off buying their dream home.

Manorcrest Homes are here to take that stress away. We can work on your behalf to provide you with trusted solicitors, who we will work alongside to give you the best service all the while helping you with any paperwork or legal jargon. We can also help to provide a financial service, with the recommendation of an Independent Financial Advisor who will guide you through the financial minefields involved in buying a property.

Finally, we offer support throughout the entirety of the process, to ensure you feel well informed and confident with decisions made and services given by all parties, who have to work together and collaborate to make your new home in Skegness a reality.

Collaborating with all parties successfully is something Manorcrest Homes known for and proud of.You’re in experienced and safe hands with Manorcrest homes managing all parties on your behalf. Our relationships and collaborations with service providers to facilitate your new home is unrivalled and has worked well for over 10 years.

In short, we take the stress out of the entire buying process and work with our partners to ensure a high-quality service is provided to you, by everyone within the chain. Then we provide you with a fantastic new home just how you wanted it. A new home to start a new life.