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Help to Buy Lincolnshire

The Government Help to Buy scheme is a great way to purchase new homes in Lincolnshire. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or selling your existing home and looking to buy a New Build property,  the Help to Buy scheme can work for you. Now is the perfect time to find new homes Lincolnshire with reductions in Stamp Duty and mortgage rates very competitive.

The Help to Buy Scheme is based on an 'Equity Loan' and is Government funded.  This scheme requires a 5% deposit as a minimim but you can increase the deposit up to 50% if you wish and still receive the 20% Government Loan on top.

For more information on the scheme and a sample financial summary for a property you are interested in, please feel free to contact our Sales Team. They will provide a clear breakdown of what deposit is required, the amount of loan from the Government and also your monthly mortgage repayments. Further advice can be achieved with a meeting arranged by our Team with an Independent Financial Advisor. You will be amazed at how accessible and easy the scheme is. It will make the difference when buying your home from our new home developments Lincolnshire.

Help to Buy Lincolnshire

Get The Home You've Always Wanted

Get The Home You've Always Wanted


Here at Manorcrest Homes we are happy to help with any questions you may have about buying a new home in the conventional way or using the Help to Buy scheme.  We also have a huge amount of experience in dealing with Investors who wish to dip their toe in the water for the first time by purchasing a Buy to Let property, or experienced investors who wish to add to their portfolio of properties by coming to us for a complete end to end service of buying and renting out seamlessly.  Unfortunately the Help to Buy Scheme is not available for investment purposes.  We can provide advice, such as how to apply for the Help to Buy scheme and provide more information to help you get the home you have always wanted.

We want to help you find your new home Lincolnshire at the perfect price. Using the Help to Buy scheme for your new Lincolnshire home can help make this possible for every buyer.

Currently the help to buy scheme is available until 2020, this is incredible help to get on the property ladder and is used regularly across all our developments, proving very popular with our customers. Affordable monthly repayments and a scheme which is safe and secure. Without the scheme a huge amount of people would not be able afford to buy so this really is something to seriously consider.

Help to Buy Testimonials

The Help To Buy scheme made it a reality for us to purchase our first home when we previously thought it wasn't affordable. It is really easy and straight forward to apply for and gives young couples like ourselves the opportunity to get onto the property ladder, while also allowing us to to buy a brand new home. We would recommend to Help To Buy scheme to anyone that sees buying a new build property as unaffordable.

The Government Help to Buy Scheme has made the difference in being able to afford and own our own home. Luckily Manorcrest Homes offer this scheme and made it very easy for us to use it and provide help with mortgage advice too. Following years of renting, owning our own home was so important to my wife and I, luckily the scheme was not complicated and did exactly what its called, helped us to buy a new home. We were very pleased with the scheme, how it works and extremely pleased with our new home. For those who are wondering if the scheme is for them, my advice would be to find out more and seriously consider it. Its made our dreams of owning a new home a reality.

The help to buy scheme is the reason why we could purchase our home. This is due to the size of the minimum deposit required for a new build property. The help to buy scheme was easy to setup as alot of was done for use buy our mortgage advisor. The repayments on the scheme are very reasonable. In summary, the help to buy scheme was the best most affordable way for us to buy our new home. It is very easy to setup and there are different affordable ways to pay it back.

We chose a Manorcrest Home because we really liked the the homes they had to offer and because they were part of the help to buy scheme. We used the Equity loan which enabled us to buy a home normally out of our price range without putting extra strain on our finances. The advice and recommendations Manorcrest gave us really made the process feel effortless and we were kept up to date throughout the entire process. We are really happy with our new home and have recommended the Help to Buy scheme and Manorcrest to friends also looking for their first home.