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Here at Manorcrest homes our main business is new home developments Lincolnshire and have several projects throughout Lincolnshire.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and choice, offering our customers a wide range of options to personalise and add value to their new homes Lincolnshire. We work closely with all clients, from initial enquiries, through viewings and advice, to helping and guiding all the way through the necessary legal processess. Here at Manorcrest we offer an aftercare policy, meaning you don’t stop being our client the day you move in. We stay with you offering a defects period of 3 months to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our Sales Team offer work closely with every client, ensuring the everything runs as smoothly as possible through the housing process, always acting as a point of contact. Our moto is "Your home is important to us", it's more than a moto, it's a firm belief.

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  • The Circus
  • Belton Park Road
  • Lumley Fields
  • Skegness, Lincs
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  • 01754 767742
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